Pandipakendi Automatiseeritud Käitlussüsteem

Reverse Vending machines

We supply the machines for beverage packaging collection points belonging to the system of Eesti Pandipakend and packagings with a deposit mark collected through our reverse vending machines will be sent for recycling according to the EPP (Eesti Pandipakend) system.  

We offer a full solution service, which includes renting out and servicing machines required for collecting and recycling beverage packagings, also an operator service, where we manage collection points and help the customers with issues arising from retail operations.

In order to assure failure-free and effortless operation of our machinery, we only use the products of leading companies across the world.

Trautwein has been specialized on manufacturing beverage packaging collection systems for more than 30 years. For now, there are more than 20 thousand Trautwein reverse vending machines installed throughout Germany and Europe. The reverse vending machines of Trautwein revolutionize the collection of empty beverage packagings.

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