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Car wash supplies and cash management devices

Our product range also includes car wash supplies and accessories and cash management devices. In a self-service car wash, the customer can wash their car, use a vacuum cleaner, buy glass cleaning liquid from the vending machine, etc. Cash management devices provide the opportunity to exchange paper money for coins required for using the vending machine and effectively count and handle the coins collected in the process of paying.

In order to assure failure-free and effortless operation of our machinery, we only use the products of leading companies across the world.

The Italian company MTM Hydro has been on the market for 30 years and offers a wide range of high-quality components and accessories for high-pressure washing systems. The products of MTM Hydro are exported from Italy to all parts of the world. 

Comestero is a leading provider of cash management and self-service systems in the world. Comestero group was founded in 1970 in Italy, it quickly branched out to France and Poland and opened an agency in Argentina. From 2014, Comestero is owned by SuzoHapp. The wide product range of the group includes counterfeit money detectors, cash-free payment systems. Coin and banknote exchange machines, operating systems for car washes, cash dispensers and coin and banknote counting machines.

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